bought shoes


Bought a pair of shoes from Ruoholahti's shopping centre's warehouse. The shoes are Spirit Store's but the price was only 22€. Deeply in love with them.

Those who follow me at twitter probably know how much i hate Gaga's personality but I have to admit she still creates nice songs now and then and also actually looks pretty neat. Like in these photos from recent V magazine.

bye this was a mini entry.


  1. Mitä kokoo noi kengät on? Onks tollasii viel myynnis? :)

  2. ostin kans joku viikko sitten noi, ne on ihanat :) turun spiritissä ne oli 24,5€ :O

  3. What's wrong with Gaga's personality...?

  4. anon, taisin ostaa 40 kokoo. Kyllä noita varmaan on =o ainakin tuolla ruoholahden ostarilla oli iso läjä sillon ku ite hain!

    evelyn, high5! (no mut toi oli sellanen outlet myymälä ni semisti halvemmal saa joskus jotai :DD)

    UKxUK, I really loved her when she first debuted but as time has passed, her interviews have started to sound more like a desperate need of showing how _different_ she is supposed to be apart from any living creature on this planet. I think she lost her humbleness at some point. Imo.
    But I have to admit that her own column in that V magazine's issue from which these photos i posted are from (june 11?) was actually pretty good and left a bit better impression of her. Usually just things she says in interviews kinda make me sick.

  5. Oh yeah ihanaa että joku muukin ei voi sietää Gagan persoonallisuutta ♥ Olen täysin samaa mieltä kanssasi ~!